Your Financial Health, Episode 101

Alot has been happening on our continent of North America and in Mexico!

  1. Hurricane Harvey in Texas and the flooding it caused
  2. Hurricane Norma has hit  Florida. Officials were telling residents to not shelter in place because this is a “nuclear storm.
  3. Mexico hit with a 8.0 earthquake
  4. Hurricane Jose is building up to hit Florida again about a week after Hurricane Irma hits
  5. Now Equifax has a security breach that has affected 40% of the US population. Even if you have bad credit , it doesn’t matter. Your social security number never changes and is valuable on the black market. It can be used to craft false Id’s.

With all of this chaos you may feel vunerable and powerless. You can take steps to find out about #5 above, as for the other issues above, I suggest that you pray!

Below is a link from Equifax that will educate you on what to do regarding the security breach and how you can find out if your personal information (social security number, license number, address, etc) has been compromised. Equifax rescinded language in their offer for free credit monitoring, if you were breached, from including giving up your right to sue. This means if you accept their free credit monitoring you will also be allowed to sue them for not protecting your information. Massachusetts’ Attorney General is starting a class action suit against Equifax.

Click this link to educate yourself!


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